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Is the game free to play?

Yep, just download the jar file and run it. You may need Java installed for it to work.

Is the game still actively worked on?

Notch no. He decided to not continue development. I don't think the offical game will ever get updated by him. As for Minicraft+ David and Dillyg10 have moved on with other projects. I personally want to port the game to HTML5 Canvas, but it's not high on my list right now.

Can I work on the game?

Sure. Notch never "official" released the source code as open source, so he could take back the project at any time. However, he did say that people modding the game could, just come up with a new name. The source code on my github repo is fully commented thanks to the hard work of the community.

What happened to the other mods you had?

Sadly, most broke with Java updates, even the official version by Notch does not really work anymore. Minicraft+ was developed by David and Dillyg10 and was one of the larger modifications. Most of the other mods either don't work anymore, or really did not have that many features to keep them active.