Created by: Dejvino

Due to recent changes to how java applets work, you will need to download Alecraft to play!
Some of these mods do not work anymore, please try some of the other mods.

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Mod Details
Alecraft is a mod of Minicraft. It uses the same base engine, but I changed a lot of it. Namely it has a save & load option (the original version lacks this) and a different map view. Alecraft is using fog-of-war, which means you can see only what your character can see. Everything else is in darkness. My goal is to add some RPG-like features - villages with NPCs you can interact with, some storyline, ... So far I managed to add randomly generated buildings throughout the land.
How To Play
Move your character with the arrow keys, press C to attack and X to open the inventory and to use items. Select an item in the inventory to equip it. Kill the ale wizard and steal his epic beer to win the game!