Minicraft Plus
Created by: I Am David Minecraft and Dillyg10

Due to recent changes to how java applets work, you will need to download Minicraft Plus to play!
Some of these mods do not work anymore, please try some of the other mods.

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Mod Details
Minicraft+ is a mod that expand the game with more tiles, mobs, tools, etc. Build your homes with planks or stone bricks. Watch out for the mobs that come at night! Create Deadly TNT by defeating creepers and collecting sand. Create Armor out of Leather, Iron, Gold, or gems. Create colored wool & beds in the Loom. Your imagination is limitless!
How To Play
Move your character with the arrow keys press Z to craft items C to attack and X to open the inventory and to use items. Select an item in the inventory to equip it. Kill the air wizard to win the game!